Transformation Of Arranged Marriages With The Coming Of Online Matrimonial Sites

Transformation Of Arranged Marriages With The Coming Of Online Matrimonial SitesIn India, Marriage is viewed in a completely different way as opposed to western countries. More than the union of two individuals, a marriage is considered the start of a relationship between two families. Today, we are in an era where the tradition of marriage has been simplified to a few clicks over the Internet. With the coming of online matrimonial sites, the burden over the shoulders of the Indian parents has been reduced. They no longer have to look for a marriage broker to find a suitable match for their child.

Arranged Marriages are still considered the best when one talks of marriages in India. In India, parents start looking for a suitable match for their children as soon as they enter their 20s. The moment they screen a suitable match, they arrange a meeting with the prospective bride or groom’s family. This follows with a detailed conversation about the marriage dates and arrangements. The process ends with a lot of wedding ceremonies that go on for several days.

With growth and development in the economy, there has been emergence of matchmaking services, classified advertisements and online matrimonial services. A lot of websites are dedicated towards providing matrimonial services these days. The number of users of these matrimonial services has increased enormously over the years. While using online services, parents continue to perform the basic function of searching and browsing through the various choices available over the net.

A number of factors are responsible for the transformation of the arranged marriages:

  • Globalization of the economy
  • Urbanization
  • Influence of western culture through books and movies

Online Matrimonials Make Life Easier
In the case of Arranged Marriages, factors like caste, community, religion and horoscopes play an important role. Friends and relatives engage in matching these essentials between the potential candidates. If families prefer marrying in the same community or caste, they often have to compromise because of fewer choices available.

Online matrimonials, on the other hand, make it easier to find a match as per the choice. They offer services which help you find a match in accordance with factors like religion, social background, lifestyle, astrological information, culture and living conditions with just one click. The choice available over the Internet is unlimited. With technology, online matrimonial services have brought about a change in the society. But they still need to go a long way to get accepted by every family.


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