MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release January 2014

Few Pros And Cons Of International Marriage
Love has no boundaries so does Marriage in this era of globalization. International Marriage is a new age concept that is increasingly accepted by natives of different countries who want to indulge in marital alliance []

How To Live A Blissful & Happy Second Marriage
The notions about marriages have changed drastically over the years. The stigma attached to being a divorcee has almost dwindled and people are not embarrassed to commit that if they do not find the right partner first time, they would be happy to opt for a second alliance []

Make A Thoughtful Marriage Decision With Indian Matrimonial Sites
Gone are those days when parents used to hop from one household to another to look for cultured daughter-in-laws, and mothers used to prepare an array of dishes when potential in-laws used to arrive to see their darling daughters. We live in the world where stereotypical roles have changed drastically and women are no more confined to the four walls of the house []


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