MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release February 2013

Matrimony Sites – Paid Membership Vs Free Matrimonial Service
Matrimony Sites are the newest buzzword, as far as arranged marriages in India are concerned today. With the trend of nuclear families having caught up the Indian society too in the past decade, parents of prospective grooms & brides no longer have a family network to depend upon.[]

Matrimonial Sites & Indian Marriages
As opposed to the western culture, Indian marriages are considered a union between two families, rather than just a relationship between two individuals. Till very recently, arranged marriages were the norm here, where the family (parents, relatives, elders in the family) of the prospective groom & bride got together & decided the suitability of the union.[]

Hindu Marriage – An Overview
According to the Hindu religion, marriages are considered a sacred affair. Marriages are not just about a lifelong affair, it is a relationship that is supposed to last for the next seven lives. Hindu marriages are a long drawn affair, where there are a dozen (& sometimes more) auspicious rituals & ceremonies which have to be followed.[]

Indian Marriages – Finding The Appropriate Match
Marriages are a big deal in the Indian context. Divorces in India are still the cause of family scandals & second marriages are still considered a taboo. In India, Arranged marriages are still the norm here, though love matches are slowly gaining acceptance.[]


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