Fake Profiles: The Down-side Of Indian Matrimonial Sites

Where technology has taken over all aspects of a person’s life, it is only natural that it has a say in the matrimonial prospects of a person too. Indian Matrimonial Sites have, to a great extent, taken over the match making arena. Though there are many happily married people today ( all thanks to these Indian Matrimonial sites) who are ready to vouch for the success rate of this medium, there are a larger number who have fallen prey to unscrupulous elements & scams online.

So everyone, whether a parent, a family member or the aspiring bride/groom themselves, needs to be cautious while going through the many profiles on any of the Online Matrimonial Sites. The most important thing to keep in mind is to never to take these profiles at face value. Quite a lot of these profiles are fakes, usually created by people with malicious intent. As is the case with any of the scams and frauds, the motivating factor behind such fake profiles is to lure money out of unsuspecting people. There are even people who indulge in such activities just for fun.

The question that arises in such a case is why the Indian Matrimonial Sites don’t take action against such misdoings. The logic is simple; it is generally not possible for these Matrimonial Sites to keep a close check on all profiles and individuals who create such fake profiles. Though there are many measures that are taken to prevent such fraudsters, such people have ways to counteract these measures. Another reason that fake profiles abound on Indian Matrimonial Sites may be because sometimes the sites themselves want to show an inflated member list.

So it becomes very essential for people who are logging on to the Indian Matrimonial Sites to take care & check the background of the other parties. Ask around and ensure that all their claims are true. Also beware of divulging too much information (or sensitive information) online. Using your common sense and logic is very necessary when dealing with unknown parties. Make sure that you make a responsible decision and take all the necessary measures against fake profiles & fraudsters, to have a great experience.


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