MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release September 2012

Basics Of Hindu Marriage Law
Adopted in India in 1955, the Hindu Marriage Law governs any marriage that takes place as per the law. While some people prefer religious marriages, others go for civil marriages for which the Special Marriage Act was formed in 1954. This write-up answers some basic questions that give an insight into How The Hindu Marriage Law Works []

Beautiful Ceremonies Of Muslim Wedding
Muslims weddings reflect the rich and ancient culture, consisting of several ceremonies that are observed over the course of some days. Both the families & friends of the bride and the groom actively participate in the affair, which is held lavishly in every aspect whether it is the food, décor, functions or anything else []

Indian Matrimonial Sites: Now A Favorite Of Parents Too
For a long time, Indian Matrimonial Sites were considered one step ahead of dating websites and social networking websites where young single people registered to get in touch with other singles. A lot of apprehensions later, parents have too hopped on the bandwagon and now trust such Indian Matrimony Sites to find a suitable match for their boy or girl. But how did this shift occur? Let’s dig deeper to find out []

What Makes Matrimonial Sites Successful
Matrimonial Sites are becoming more preferred by the day across several communities due to the various benefits they provide. After the dotcom boom and growth of e-commerce, the popularity of these sites also started spiraling upwards and till date, such sites continue to be popular as an extension of traditional matchmaking majorly among Indian communities. So what makes these Matrimony Portals so special? Let’s find out []


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