MatrimonialsIndia.Com – Blogs Release May 2012

Increasing Usage of Christian Matrimonial Sites in Indian Context
Marriage constitutes an important aspect of your life. Even more important is the selection of a suitable partner. Earlier our families used to rely on the traditional matchmakers or relatives to suggest options but now times have changed []

Indian Matrimonial/Shaadi Websites – The New Way To Find Your Soul Mate

It’s the time for you to bid farewell to the orthodox methods of selecting your soul mate. With several Indian Matrimonial Websites springing up to serve you with the best options, traditional matchmakers are the things of the bygone days []

Marriages Are Made in Heaven and Meetings Arranged on NET
The title of this article might sound a bit different from what we are used to listen. The first half of the title “marriages are made in heaven” is a most frequently used phrase, but you may feel uneasy to get agreed with the second part  meetings arranged on net”  []

Importance Of Mangalsutra In Women’s Life
Hindu religion defines five essential signs of marital status of women which are mangalsutra, sindoor, nose ring, toe ring and bangles. Though each of the five signs is equally important but mangalsutra holds special significance for a married Indian woman []


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