Ways to Secure your Matrimonial Profiles!

Most of the matrimonial service providers and websites require every kind of private information, like date of birth, last name, remarriage, or divorce; along with most sensitive ones like photo albums. Members of matrimonial portals upload their complete personal information to their matrimonial profile. Therefore in such situations, privacy of matrimonial profiles becomes highly essential.

In India, the general psychological belief of people restricts themselves from sharing most private information on a global platform like Internet. Other things that act as a deterrent are the bogus members or fake profiles where there are chances of abusing or leak of information to unknown or fraudulent individuals.

All the matrimonial portals are not secure. Only some of them provide secure matrimonial services. Therefore before creating your account and posting private information, make sure that your profile is protected. Here are some necessary tips you must consider:

  • Check verified contact details to avoid fake and fraudulent profiles
  • Read the privacy and security tips on the matrimonial services providers’ website
  • Do not give any information straight away
  • Stay away if you feel suspicious of the person’s behavior
  • Protect your password
  • Secure all your confidential information
  • Use Photo Request option and do not put your photo album open on the web
  • Meet any person only after you conform their identity and related details
  • Meet at a safe public place

So before you register yourself in any matrimonial website, check it thoroughly and do not haste. Take your time. If you feel paid and professional matrimonial websites are secure then better opt for them, rather than compromising your safety for any free or unauthentic matrimonial site. Don’t judge any person from just the face value, go beyond it and use be on extra guard while selecting your partner for life.


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