Ideas For A Christmas Theme Wedding

One of the biggest celebrations on Earth Christmas is also a good time to be united in blissful matrimony. No matter in which way you want to celebrate this special occasion, the Christmas theme can truly make it an affair to remember forever. You also get to enjoy discounted rates in this off-season and also save on the décor as most of the venues will be already decorated. Still thinking about how to include Christmas elements in your wedding? Read on to know more.

Themed Invitations

You can use Christmas symbols on the invitation cards like Jingle bells, Winter scene or beautiful snowflakes with green and red borders to add a special touch.

What To Wear

The Bride can dress up in brocade, velvet, and satin gown and the Groom can go for an elegant tuxedo in the same fabrics. The outfits can be trimmed with fur.

Décor Schemes

  • White Christmas: How perfect to have an all-white wedding in the winter with snow-white dresses, decorations to recreate a heavenly atmosphere?
  • Claus Couple: If you want to get playful, then dressing up as Mr. and Mrs. Claus is just the thing to do.
  • Red and Green: You can take these classic colors and give them a twist by using different hues. For decorations use emerald and ruby tones or burgundy and forest green to complete the look.
  • Victorian Christmas: If you want to make it unique and memorable then go for vintage Victorian dresses and décor.

Flowers, Decorations and the Food

You can choose from holly and white roses or go for beautiful Poinsettias and pine sprigs. Small Christmas trees complete with decorations, gingerbread houses, pine boughs and glass ornaments and fake snow are ideal for the décor. Food can include traditional dishes with ham or turkey, eggnog, gingerbread and beverages like hot cocoas, mulled wine or hot cider.

Even the music can have carols personalized with lyrics about the couple and special tunes to make the event elegant and nostalgic. This is in fact a great way to celebrate the Christmas cheer and have an anniversary each year on this special day.

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