Arranged Marriage: Love Is Ought To Happen

Do you also believe in the notion that in arranged marriages, a girl and a guy are forced to fall in love with each other? This traditional form of marriage known as arranged marriage is prevalent in the society since many ages. Even today, there are people who don’t believe in the concept of love marriages and are strictly against it. A majority of people in India still plan their children’s marriages themselves, without giving the bride or groom to be, a choice or option of choosing their life partners.

How Arrange Marriage Is Fixed?

An arranged marriage doesn’t mean that you just select a prospective partner for your child without any search and just tie them in a knot of matrimony. A full-fledged investigation by both the brides and grooms families is carried out.

  • Both the families judge each other on basis of their own criteria’s. Where some check the compatibility, the others match their janampatris.
  • Overall research is done on the behavior, background and reputation of the families.
  • Finally, after taking into account the factor including height, taste, age, values and castes of the marriage is fixed.

Why Should You Go For An Arranged Marriage?

As parents are experienced and wiser, they are better judges for their children’s life than anyone else in this world. Maximum marriages in India are arranged, though prominence of love marriages is no less. Even NRI’s always wish to get married in India. The essence of Indian marriage especially when it is arranged is unparalleled. In the courtship time, the prospective couple can get to know each other better. They can enjoy that term and get to know each other. During this time, they start falling in love. Although, they are tied in a relationship that doesn’t has love, but as the time passes by and the date of their marriage comes near, both develop a feeling of dependence. Now, they can’t live without each other and they want their marriage to arrive.

Finally, when the wedding day comes, both are excited and ready to start a new life. As the ceremonies takes place and they both take the saat pheras, the marriage gets completed and they automatically get tied in the unbreakable bond of love called marriage.


2 thoughts on “Arranged Marriage: Love Is Ought To Happen

  1. Nice blog!

    Arrange marriages are better if we consider there will be 99% success in arrange marriages. And the foremost thing is that there will be support of our parents. Most of the love marriages are unsuccessful so according to me arrange marriages are best.

  2. In my point of view arrange marriage will give immense pleasure and life safe and secure because if any problem comes between husband and wife there will be the person to their well and wish. Nice post..

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